Removals in Wandsworth

Are you planning to shift your office, house, furniture, piano, or any other item in Wandsworth? You must be looking for a good company that can help you with your removals in Wandsworth. The quick trip removals Ltd is the best removal company in wandsworth that you have been searching for!

Removals Van

We offer services for every type of removal in Wandsworth, you can easily rely on us for your move, we will take full responsibility for your items during the removal and make sure that your items reach their destination on time in the same condition you have given them to us.

Our team is highly qualified and professional. Each and everything of the removal is planned and coordinated with efficiency and professionalism. Before starting any work, our team will get in contact with you and present our planned strategy for the removal and after you approve the plan we will start the removal. You do not have to worry about anything as we will manage top to bottom of the removal. Every step of the move is always supervised by our team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

House Removals Wandsworth 

Moving houses can be quite difficult with all the shifting and packing etc, it may get harder when you do not have the right agency to help you shift from one place to another. Quick trip Removals Ltd offers you the best service of house removals in Wandsworth.

We have a well-planned strategy to help you move houses. All of our staff is well-trained and experienced in handling your furniture including antiques, paintings, fine arts, desks, etc. Removal blankets are used to cover your furniture, along with that they are also strapped to ensure protection. It is our prime preference to provide you with timely, reliable, and friendly service.

Our experienced movers will come to your house and do all the moving work easily so you don’t have to do anything. We also provide insurance for your items. The goods in transit have an insurance of £50,000 on all items while £1,000,000 is the limit for public liability insurance.

All of your household items are fully insured, and we take full responsibility for delivering them safely to your desired location without any damage or delay. Our staff is always here to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your items and provide you with the best service of house removals in Wandsworth.

Office Removals in Wandsworth

When looking for a reliable organization to help with your office removals then quick trip removals Ltd is all that you are looking for. A professional and complete office relocation service is provided by us. To all the businesses who are in need of a trustworthy partner to move their office to a new location.

We are specialized in the relocation of offices of any size, we can even move small size offices and huge office buildings as well. We make sure that your valuable items are adequately packed and are perfectly protected from any kind of environmental damage during the move. We know that you might have any doubts related to your items when it comes to office removals, so for this purpose, we offer full insurance for your items that are to be removed and shifted to another office.

Insurance offers and policies are the same for every office but they can be tailored according to your specifications and needs. You can easily contact our professionals at any time to arrange the office removals for you. We have peculiar coordinators which are assigned to carry out different jobs and supervise every procedure. Our professionals make sure that everything goes correct and works smoothly.

Piano Removals in Wandsworth

A music lover in Wandsworth knows the actual worth of a piano. Everyone with a piano wants to hire a professional organization for the removal and relocation of their piano.

The piano is considered as the most expensive and luxurious instrument when it comes to musical instruments. As a piano is very expensive and an extremely heavy instrument so it needs good care while transportation. Quick trip Removals Ltd offers the best service of Piano Removals in Wandsworth.

Our workers ensure that your piano is well protected during the removal and that the piano is not damaged. As the piano is large and heavy so it needs extra care while shifting, our workers are here to shift it for you so you don’t have to do the hard work. You can easily contact our professionals to arrange a meeting and they will guide you about the plan they have created especially for you for your piano removal. Our well-trained team removes your piano for you and shifts it to your desired location, damage and scratch free.

Furniture Removals Services in Wandsworth

When looking for furniture removal in Wandsworth, you must have a lot in your head, you want your furniture to be in trustworthy hands. Furniture Removals in Wandsworth are made very easy with quick trip removals Ltd.

When you are opting for quick trip removals Ltd for your furniture removal in Wandsworth then you do not have to worry about anything as we will look out for you and get the job done according to your demands. We have a well-trained team who knows how to properly execute a furniture relocation in Wandsworth.

Our workers will manage the whole shifting in a professional way, the workers will pack, load, transport, unload and unpack all your furniture. Our organization makes sure that all of your furniture is transported to the new location without any damage. We provide full insurance for your furniture and also offer the best service at reasonable rates.

Commercial Removals in Wandsworth

When dealing with packaged or unpackaged items all you need is commercial removals. Our team is an expert in commercial removals, you can contact our professionals anytime and schedule your meeting or directly book your commercial removal in Wandsworth after seeing your professional guide.

Commercial Removals in Wandsworth with quick trip removals Ltd is the best choice you can make when looking for commercial removal companies. We ensure that your stored goods and items are moved from one place to another safely. We also offer an inventory where your items can be stored in case of emergency when the receiving party is not ready to receive your items for a particular time, in this way your items are always safe with us.

As a manufacturer, you must want your items to reach your customers in perfect condition without any damage. Moreover, if you want your items to be delivered on time, our well-trained team ensures that everything you want related to your delivery would be fulfilled and you would not face any issues with the removal of your items.

Long Distance Removals in Wandsworth

When you want to do long distance removals in Wandsworth then always look for an organization that has an active fleet of vehicles throughout Wandsworth.

With quick trip removals Ltd, your long distance removals in Wandsworth are made easy and stress-free as you can fully trust us with your items, you can track your items during long distance removals so you know where your items have reached during the removal.

You can contact our professionals through our website and set a meeting to discuss your specifications for the removal. Our well-trained staff makes sure that your items are dealt with care and are delivered to the destination without any damage or loss. Our professionals ensure that you are educated about every step we are taking during the removal so that you know about our plan for the removal. Our organization believes in the strategic removal of the items so everything is taken step by step.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Following are the frequently asked questions which are usually asked about removals in Wandsworth

Why choose quick trip removals Ltd?

The answer to this question is very short, we are the most reliable company offering removal service in Wandsworth. We ensure that we give you excellent removal service at reasonable rates.

Our team is highly professional and friendly, along with this they are always available for you to answer any query or resolve any issue which you might face. Moreover, we believe in planning everything before the move day, so our team will present to you our ideas and procedures for the removal and ask for your approval to make sure everything going on is in your knowledge.

How do I get a quote from quick trip removals Ltd?

You can get a quick quote by filling out the quick quote form on our website by filling in the required details. You can also get in contact with our team by calling our helpline on 02031989198 or by emailing us at or by directly visiting us.

How much do you normally charge for a removal?

Charges for the removal usually differ according to your location, distance to move, the destination of the move, size and number of vehicles required, amount of labor required during the move, and distance between parking and front door.

The service quote also depends on the packing of the materials as well, if you want your company to pack your items then additional charges for packing services are added which include costs of packing materials and storage solutions.

Usually, for smaller moves such as small houses, we charge for our service according to the hours, while for larger moves we charge according to days.

How can I arrange a house survey with you?

You can easily arrange a house survey by filling out the house survey form on our website and our team will contact you shortly and arrange a house survey according to your availability.

How much notice do I need to give before the removal day?

Although we are very flexible with our dates and times for the move and we always try to be available on your required date for the move, it is preferable if you give notice two to four weeks earlier. We can even manage to move your items on the next day or even on the same day if you ask for it but it is recommended that you inform us at least two weeks before the move date so you won’t face any trouble during the move.